Thursday, September 29, 2005

Andrew Sullivan - The Man With No Shame

Almost one year ago, to the day, Andrew Sullivan wrote an excellent article on the perils and moral vacuity of outing homosexuals as a political weapon. Sullivan has himself been a target of the radical gay Left when his sexual activities were brought into the public sphere under the justification of - you guessed it - hypocrisy. In a piece filled with clarity and a deep understanding of the issue, Sullivan writes, in part:

. . . every moment we spend obsessing about the enemy within is one moment not spent spreading the message without. The thrill of exposure, the momentary feeling of self-righteousness and power that outing brings, may often surpass in excitement the daily grind of changing minds and witnessing to the truth. But only the grind moves us forward. And everything else ultimately takes us back.

Interestingly enough, Sullivan opens with an encounter with Mike Rogers, who he crowns "the new Robespierre of the gay world." As noted at the end of my post directly below this one, Rogers was highly involved in an attempted outing of Rep. David Dreier of California.

Surely, given his personal history with outing and his apparent distaste for Rogers' tactics, one would think Sullivan would condemn this activity and not give it the time of day.

You'd be wrong. Here is the Andrew Sullivan of today:

DREIER PUSHED ASIDE: Any bets that James Dobson and Karl Rove vetoed? Any bets why?

It seems attacking Republicans is a far higher priority for Mr. Sullivan than his principles. Once against the outing tactics of people like Mike Rogers, he now finds them a handy reference guide for grinding his political axe.

Andrew Sullivan - a man with no shame whatsoever.