Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hungry, Hungry Pinkists

One of the great justifications of outing as a political tactic is the hypocrisy of it all. Having read endless screeds, rants, and denunciations from various left-wing blogs and message boards, I have reached one inescapable conclusion:

There are hordes of people in this world who cannot spell the word hypocrisy.

I just want to get it out there right now: I am firmly against hippocracy. We simply cannot allow our dread hippopotamus overlords determine the course of government. These are filthy river horses that think little white marbles are a form of sustenance for god’s sake.

That said.

Not only are half these gay radicals incapable of spelling the word, they’re also none too bright when it comes to understanding the concept.

If you believe homosexuals deserve protection under federal discrimination laws but vote against it, you are a hypocrite. If you believe homosexuals deserve protection under federal hate crimes law but vote against it, you are a hypocrite. If you are a gay man living in Boston who is married to another man, but you vote against gay marriage for someone else, you are a hypocrite.

Things like race, sexuality, and gender are not ideologies. They are characteristics. Sexual orientations do not take positions (ahem). Homosexuality is not liberal. Nor is it conservative or libertarian. It simply is what it is. Hypocrisy is an act of doing. One must do the opposite of what one preaches against.

Unchangeable characteristics are, by definition, incapable of being implicated in hypocrisy. A gay man may believe hate crimes are thought crimes and thus abhorrent law. A gay libertarian may reasonably believe discrimination law is unconstitutional. There are plenty of homosexuals on the Right and the Left who believe government has no business in marriage, and thus oppose gay marriage.

If a person is having gay sex, to be a hypocrite they must publicly state that people should not have gay sex. Simply having gay sex while being opposed to legislative proposals granting various kinds of status in discrimination, hate crimes, and marriage law is not a form of hypocrisy. By simple definition.

The hypocrisy argument is a tactic used by thought fascists who believe an immutable personal characteristic must dictate – without exception – the ideological and political state of a person’s mind.

So, this is the tolerant, open-minded Left, eh? We are all ideologically and intellectually bound to our genes and ingrained behaviors and must think accordingly, lest we be punished?

I remember this argument. White people used to make it. Against negro slaves.

Gay radicals who claim to be advancing a civil rights discussion in this country must be ever so proud of themselves.

(I promise this is my last post on outing and hypocrisy for awhile)