Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Incredible Vanishing White Folk

One of the favorite arguments of the Left in the aftermath of Katrina is that the Bush administration would never have taken so long to respond if the victims had been white people, religious conservatives, the rich, Republicans, etc.

Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi and Alabama in addition to Louisiana if I'm not mistaken.

Uhm, where does the Left think white conservative evangelicals come from?

So, Bush is a racist because he ignored the plight of minorities. Yet, while making this argument, the Left ignores some of the reddest of red voters in white southerners who are also devastated.

I'd laugh if I weren't choking on the irony of it all.

Update: That Gay Conservative linked to this piece in comments that comprehensively illustrates how wide-ranging the damage and how diverse the affected populations. Thanks for this. Everyone should send it out to liberal and non-liberal friends who are repeating the convenient media storylines that have been bouncing around throughout the week.