Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Life Has Themes

Without going into detail, suffice to say there was an "incident" this past weekend where I found myself dripping in raw sewage down to my adidas. We'll just leave that alone for now.

This upcoming weekend, I've promised family I'd attend a cow patty to raise money for hurricane Katrina victims.

It almost sounds like it involves burgers, doesn't it? A BBQ out in a field somewhere, beer in coolers, country music, kids running around, water balloons. Though I'm a suburban/city boy through and through, I still enjoy rural life. Country people know how to kick back and take it easy.

City parties involve dressing up far too much, dancing until your legs give in, and the various anxieties of trying to interpret and misinterpret so many different signals that a U.N. convention threatens to break out at any moment. Country parties involve honest to god relaxation.

Well, I didn't know what a cow patty was.

This is a cow patty.

So, that'll make two weekends in a row where I end up drunk and knee deep in shit.

What are the odds?